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Environmental Effects On Acne

Acne is a dangerous problem which is faced by almost everyone but with the proper care and treatment it can be avoided and removed as well. Acne mostly attacks in the teenage but with proper protection and care of the skin acne can be reduced to great extent. There are many environmental factors which affect on the skin and causes acne. For instance winter season can cause dryness on the skin and this dryness will further cause acne. To overcome this problem apply proper amount of moisture on the skin which will keep your skin soft and smooth and can also avoid acne. When you have acne try not to come in sunlight because increased temperature and ultraviolet rays will enhance the growth of pimples. So, when you are passing from the acne phase take proper care of your skin.

Pollution and dirt also increases the growth of acne because excessive amount of dust and dirt particles on the skin blocks the pores of the skin which causes acne. This problem can only be solved by washing the face with water regularly and at least thrice a day. Water washes all the pores on the skin leaving that clean and clear. In summer seasons you can also face the problem of acne. Increased temperature will make your oil glands to open and the bacteria will fill these pores which cause the acne. The acne is divided into two different types. The first type of acne is mild and it is known as mild acne and in this condition, only some parts of the face are affected.

This condition can be easily tackled by the increased use of water. The water will increase the water flow to the skin and will help to clan the pores. When these pores are clean, this will result in a clear and soft skin. The other type of acne is called the severe acne. The severe acne is the form which is very dangerous and it covers all the face. In this condition, you need to take the steps immediately and tackle this problem very swiftly. The best way to tackle the severe acne is the use of acne mask and mint. Both these things will help you to achieve an acne free skin and this will increase your self confidence and you can easily interact with other people. So, the people without acne will socialize more with the people and you can also achieve acne free skin by the help of these practices.


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